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Data Logger.

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Well, a good project is never done! I'm expanding on my Ignitech Ignition module project.

A gentleman from New Zealand contacted me with interest in my logging program. He's using the Ignitech on his 2 stroke race bike and wants to log his races. He didn't like the idea of hauling around a laptop in a backpack for data-logging, so he asked me if I could set up an M5 Core2 (pictured below) to do the datalogging. I agreed, so he bought me one in exchange for helping him.

Product Communication Device Portable communications device Mobile device Output device

So, I'm rewriting my program to run on one of these.

In addition to logging, I'm hoping to use the small screen to output some of the data.
For my use, I'm planning on displaying RPM and engine vacuum. I already found that my tach is inaccurate, showing about 900 when the ignitech shows 1100.
The engine vacuum would be useful for syncing the carbs.

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to try to mount it up by the gauges, or if I'm going to tuck it under the trim panel, or not mount it at all.
Of course, this isn't waterproof, but the gentleman from New Zealand is working on a solution for that.

We're also talking about implementing GPS for speed monitoring. The built in accelerometer can be used to record G forces and lean angles.
If I have GPS speed data, I can use that along with RPM to show a gear indicator.

This project is going way beyond practical and is getting into the "just for fun" and "why not?" category. Clearly the 750 isn't a track bike. But it's now getting into a more universal project that can be used on more bikes. But I see some practical uses, like using G forces to practice emergency stopping.

After a week or so of fighting through some code bugs, I finally got the LCD screen to display "Hello World".
I'll periodically update my progress on here, unless this project is deemed too far off scope of the Vulcan 750.
I won't be offended if asked not to post updates. It is a bit off topic.
I suppose it could move it to the Goats Belly too. Whatever the administrators decide is ok with me.
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Heh, how about gravitometers and magnetometers? My Samsung watch has more processing power than NASA had at their disposable when sending men to the moon. Seriously.
The transformers Casio calculator watch i had in 83 had more computing power than NASA did in the 60’s.
I’ll be 46 in a few weeks, the watch I had was a definitely a nifty little knockoff. I had a fair amount of the real stuff but most didn’t survive. I wasn’t thinking about future investments yet lol. I did manage to save two, and a 5 piece Voltron lion set, but it’s not mint. My Megatron pistol met a horrific fate.
To me it sounds like an engineer “engineering” for fun and I say why the hell not? If you’re selling a product then finding a practical purpose is always important, but If you simply love science and want to apply it to wherever possible then I say have at it. Keep asking more questions and finding more answers. More data is never a bad thing it may come in useful later.
That’s my GenX tech guy mind frame.
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