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2001 750 20,700 miles

Once I get up to 45-50 mph, the bike kinda stutters a bit...like it's not getting fuel for a split second or so. It's very windy today, and the problem was more pronounced.

I've done some searching and found this thread:

I have a question, so I thought I'd make my own thread. Please forgive my terminology...I may have taken some liberties with names of things.

There was no vent line connected to the slotted hole on the back of the right side air filter. I found a disconnected line hanging down. The other other end is connected to the bottom right side of the plastic (plenum??) that connects the two air filters. I cut the end of it at a 45 degree angle and put it in the top slotted hole on the back of the right side air filter.

Now to my actual question.....Is this the vent line that is supposed to go there?

I have a yard full of kids, so I really can't leave to try it out. I did take it out for a couple miles, and it seemed to run better, but I was only at speed for a couple minutes.

Thanks for reading.
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