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Good articles here on cutting down your windshield:



And from other members here:
Note: Rather than cutting the windshield yourself you can always take it to a glass shop.


-------- Original Message -------- Subject: [vn750archives] cutting down windshieldsDate: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 11:32:11 +0000From: Jax <[email protected]>Reply-To: [email protected]To: [email protected]

First thing we did was me sit on the bike and have someone hole a tape measure in front of it so we could tell how much needed to be took off.

Then we took a piece of construction paper and taped it to the shield sticking up over it and trace the outline of the top of the shield on the paper. Remove paper and took scissors and cut paper outline out of shield curvature.

Using masking tape (wide type) we then covered the upeer area of the shield on both sides with the masking tape. Take the construction paper and tape it to the shield at the point where you want to trim it off and then take a fine point sharpie to trace the curvature on the masking tape at the new location. Remove construction papaer and take a VARIABLE SPEED jigsaw at lowest speed and cut it off on your trace line.

WARNING: too fast on the jigsaw or use of a Dremel tool will cause the plastic to slag and or crack ( this is known from personal prior experiance as well as testimonials from others )

After cutting remove all masking tape and take a standard flat file to remove any minor imperfections, after the file we used thre different grades of sandpaper which I think was 220, 400 and 600 to smooth out the contours of the cut and to polish it. I also rubbed it down with 0000 steel wool then waxed it.


-------- Original Message -------- Subject: [VN750] Re: windshield recommendationsDate: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 02:15:36 +0000From: knifemaker1954 <[email protected]>Reply-To: [email protected]To: [email protected]

I had a Hellcat with the black gradiant tint myself..I did trim the edges with rubber edging. you can see a photo of it compared next to the Plexistar 2 I have on it now at:
(The Plexistar was trimmed down)...the basic way to measure how high the screen should be is to sit "normaly" on the bike..not slouched down and not full upright...and pick a spot 20-25 feet in front of you and have someone else hold a tape or yard stick up from the headlight. Have them slowly raise a piece of cardboard or paper up and have them stop when it is about to cover that point.

Makers of windshields usualy give a height meassurement..but that's only a guide to go by as some rake them back further..resulting in a lower height. And some meassurements from the headlight only apply if the shield itself contacts it. I found the Hellcat to be more secure resting hard on top of the headlight ( with a small rubber pad underneath)

I would say the best route is to buy a sheild higher than you need and cutting it down to your exact size. There was a post here recently giving info on how to cut one down and how to take accurate measurements. I believe it said to use a strip of tape accross the screen and ride around with it awhile to make sure that was the height you wanted...good idea..as alot here have mistakenly lopped off too much by their own admission.

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Excellent. This is just what I was looking for. I think I will tape it, mark it and take it to the glass shop.

Thanks a lot Red Baron.

BTW are you coming to KY Lake? Hope to see you there.

Ride Safe,

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