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Ride it like you stole it. 馃憤
6th? There鈥檚 only five speeds. The bike will comfortably cruise at 75-80 mph all day. It will start using fuel quicker once you get up to 5,000 rpm and beyond.
I had to chuckle reading the answers and realizing there are only 5 gears on this bike. I guess the reason I've been thinking there were more was because I've been riding an XT250 for the past 30 years on and off road. I probably don't need to telll any of you - especially those of you who've ridden one (or anything like one) - what a difference there is between that and a VN750! Every time I reach for a gear beyond... well... 3rd, honestly, it feels like I'm in bonus territory. 5th feels like some kind of super deluxe overdrive. I get this big smile on my face every time I find it waiting there because I'm already cruising comfortably at the speed limit in 4th - and yet, there's still more!

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You guys oughta try riding one with a Swiss cheese frame... Kinda like riding a meth whore on payday...

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