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The Throttle Boss is K6250 and is $15.95 at Chrome World. Don't get the Kury grips just for the Throttle Boss. You can get a little thing for less than $10 called a throttle rocker - on e-bay or from www.nopork.com - it works really well! In fact, I had one on my stock grips before I got the Kury grips, and I think it is even more comfortable than Kury's Throttle Boss. It kinda fits the contour of your hand. Really helps on the highway, and is absolutely (IMHO) the best accessory you can get for under $10.

Universal Vista Cruise is what I have. Works great with the Kury ISO grips.

I purchased Universal Vista Cruise from Ron Greene Sports Center on Ebay for $28.00 plus shipping. Mine was a universal fit one. I had no problem mounting it and am pleased with it. Sure helps on the hand and wrist cramps!! :) Easiest way to get to the site is to type in "ron greene sports center" in your search and hit enter. This will take you to their site and go to Ebay items. Scroll through the items as they have a lot of items on Ebay. I have found that they usually always have at least 1 Vista cruise control on there for sale. Be sure to get the ones for 7/8" bars.

Got my vista cruise yesterday and put it on. It wasn't easy getting it on the Iso-grips without shaving it a little. Tried it out today and I really like it. This is a "must have" (IMHO) if you are going on trips. With the protac backrest, highway bar and vista my two wheel lazy boy is now complete. Maverick (Warren D.)
www.aerostich.com has them for 7/8" bars. Part number 1895 for $22.00 plus s/h.

Q: with the universal vista cruise doesnt it take like part of your hand grip away ??(cover part of the grip up)

A: It takes about 1/4" or so of your hand grip to use. Most riders don't use the part closest to the kill switch or starter button all the time anyway.

A: No - Typically the inside edge of your grip will have a cuff that prevents your hand from slipping to the inside. The throttle lock will fit around that. It may require a little careful trimming of the pad on the inside edge of the throttle lock, but it will work just fine.

I'm a huge fan of my throttle lock, but you may also wish to install something like a Throttle Rocker(tm) or Wrist Rest(tm). These are devices that allow you to operate the throttle by simply resting the side of your palm on them, instead of gripping the throttle continuously. You can't really use a throttle lock in city driving, and the Wrist Rest permits you to relax your grip when you can't use the throttle lock.

Jim put a throttle lock on my 03 VN750 last year. I just got the Wrist Rest, but haven't had a chance to try it yet. Some of my teachers at the motorcycle safety course had the Throttle Rocker, and they liked it.

A: I purchased one a week or so ago and put it on last weekend (3-6-04). Mine was the Universal Vista Cruise. I tried it out that afternoon and it works great! Only mod was to move the killswitch/starter switch bracket about 1/8" in to allow for the hook up to the bars.

A: depending on the grips yo have also you may need to take a xacto knife and trim out the inner diameter some of the cruise device

Kury grips: Got mine at www.chromeworld.com - part number K6180 for Goldwing.
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