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I just spent a long time trying to find the exact bulb. I found Kaw part #'s for both the gauges and indicators in other threads, that's nothing new. But the gauges don't use #74 bulbs. Those are almost as skinny as the base. I recognize them from my Fiero's ashtray. Our gauges bulbs are actually #24.

You can use 74's, but they'll be dimmer (0.06 candlepower vs 1.6 cp) and are rated to 1/3 the lifetime of a 24.
Don's Bulbs page for #24

There are a lot of part numbers out there, but I started with Eiko 42240. #24 bulb, 14V, 0.24A / 3.4W (12 volt systems are more like 13.8v, stock is stamped 3W), T2-3/4 Wedge Base. This is the correct bulb for our bikes.

Personally, I'm going to get some dimmer bulbs for at night, either 74's or red 24's if I can find them. And some dash bulbs for the L/R turn indicators. Jeeze, those blind me at night.
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