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I'm a bit late to the discussion, but I'll weigh in.
I too have less confidence in right turns. I did as a child riding bicycles. I heard a theory once that it's due to being right handed and having less confidence in your left hand/arm during a right turn.

Either way, I remember my first public roadway ride and I nearly went off the road the first time I tried to turn. I got to thinking about turning and tried literally turning the bars. The bike went the opposite direction! Nearly soiled myself!

Now when I don't think about it, I ride better. I unexpectedly scrapped a peg a couple of weeks ago and I wasn't even trying! My first peg scrape was in a isolated roundabout where I just kept circling and slowly increasing speed until the peg hit. It's probably good to do this somewhere away from traffic because when it happened, I reacted by instantly widening my turn when I really didn't need to.
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