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I recall around ten minutes in 50-60 degree temps, but don't remember exactly.

I know if you're moving 35 mph or better in hot weather the fan doesn't run until you slow down or stop.

It's also normal for the fan to kick on after you shut down the engine.

A temp gun would be really handy.
How long does it typically take the bike to warm up enough that the fan would kick on and coolant to start circulating in the engine? I want to let the bike sit and watch this so I can make sure that everything is working as it should. I'm not entirely certain the temp sensor is operable.
It's been a while since I rode because of the cold Pennsylvania weather. But if I recall correctly, my fan kicks on right around where the red temperature gauge needle touches the "thermostat icon" in the middle of the gauge. Watch your red temp gauge needle rise as your Vulcan warms up and the fan should kick on around that area.
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