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I am going to relocate my coolant tank on my bike. Does it have to be below the radiator, or can it be mounted anywhere as long as the hose stays full of anti-freeze so there isn't any air in the line?
On my Bronco II it's right at the top of the radiator to the side.
The reason I am relocating it is that I am going to have the exhaust come out the right side w/o having it cross over under the frame.
I have some ideas, and I am going to the local muffler shop monday to see if what I have in mind will work.
If it will work, I am going to have the pipes go from 2 into 1 via a collector.
I am of course going to re-jet the carbs, I have Irridium plugs picked out, and a new set of plug wires.
If all goes well, I will post some pics of the drawings on here to get some input.
Thanks for all the help so far guys and gals.
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