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I just want to pass on some information on the cobra slip-ons for our bike. i ordered some from my local dealership, they said they were the ones i wanted(both on the right side)when i got them they were one on each side, not the ones i wanted. they were good about taking them back and giving me a full refund.
now what i learned.
the manufactors pt.#4163tssc are the ones i got and were wrong , the parts guy found some for me after he spent 2 hours on the phone. part #blv-4163sc
i got them out of north caralina for $246.00 shipping included. they said they had them for a while and wanted to sell them . i should get them monday or tuesday.
will let you know know everything goes after i put them on .
btw, the blv-4163sc are not made anymore so if u want a set you will have to search for them
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