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Haynes + Clymer

Any comments re: the Clymer vs. the Haynes Manual? As I am unfamiliar with both, which seems to be the more comprehensive? Thank you in advance!
I borrowed the Haynes manual from my local library about a year ago so my memory of it is not very good. Needless to say I didn't get it, having much preferred the Clymers.

The Haynes manual was large format and hardcover - a BIG turnoff for me. I much prefer the shop manual format and sensibility of the Clymers.

The Haynes also didn't have as many procedures as the Clymers but it did have some colour pictures.

I've had and used the Clymers for a year now and I love it. Its come in useful many, many times and its often referred to on here at VN750.com. Not once have I ever even given another thought to the Haynes, until now.
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