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When I first got my Vulcan in 2020, I noticed the previous owner had some electrical tape on this tubing here, right behind the right-side air box.

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I never really thought twice about it until recently; I was performing a full visual check over my bike and found that the tubing was pressed up against the air box quite snuggly...to the point where the engine vibrations + heat gouged out a small amount from the tubing.

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So I replaced the electrical tape and also used my Dremel to shave away a small portion from the rear of the air box to prevent this from happening again.

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Probably not a super major issue...but as these bikes age I wanted to share something I went thru to share some common struggles & learnings. Cheers!


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Glad you posted this. An ounce of prevention and all that...

Now that I've seen your post and am aware of the issue, I may do the same thing you did. Gotta love the Dremel!

I suppose an alternative could be to take a bit of rubber tubing, cut a slit up the side and just fit it over the plastic, if one doesn't have a cutting tool, or just doesn't want to alter the airbox.

Good catch!

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My '89 had that issue and I did the same fix. Good to post this though!
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