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Looking for a little information on carburetor
I just recently picked up a vn 700
not running first thing I figured was clean out gas tank
oil change and try to fire it up
it did not start so I checked the spark which looked good
figured it was just spark plugs
change those end the bike did start but it would only idle
so I figured a carburetor cleaning was in order
a little time I figured out how to remove the carbs
took them to a local motorcycle shop and had them rebuilt
actually cleaned was all they said they needed
they charged me $100 which I thought was reasonable
but after installing them I noticed that something was wrong
I can not choke the bike
choke cable is free I can not get either of the choke plungers
to move even when trying to lift them with needle nose pliers
my question
when they rebuilt them could they have just installed them to tightly?
Is it possible to free them up without removing carburetors
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