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Hoping for some help, at least a little insight.

My father recently purchased a 2005 750. It had been sitting in storage for about ten years. The tank was full of rust and petcock plugged, that was remedied. After reinstallation of the gas tank, a leak was discovered on the carb. It appeared to be coming from this rod, which is moved by the throttle. I popped the E clip and washers off to find what looked like felt packing. Does anyone have any idea if this is a simple fix by replacing the packing or does the carb need removed and rebuilt? Thanks for any advice! View attachment 54255 View attachment 54256
There's usually a bushing there on most carbs that wears, but it's worth trying to replace just the packing. They're actually just dust seals.

Next time you clean the carbs, hit the air bleeds hard with spray cleaner and air. One is seen in the first pic just below the red spray tube, it looks like a BB stuck in a hole. Sometimes a clogged air bleed can allow gas to be siphoned out of the bowl, and it can come out in strange places, can even cause a rich condition.

On some bike carbs, you can wet your fingertip and place it over an air bleed, gas will immediately flow from the overflow hose. Freaks people out, they think you broke their carb. One guy thought it was a drain button.

There's a few air bleeds on the Vulcan carbs, a couple back at the air intake, and on the sides like in the pic, just look for the ball.

Some air bleeds are placed specifically to be siphon breaks, to prevent leakage.
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