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My original stator died and got one off ebay...didn't mention the manufacturer but found paperwork inside box it came in (Caltric). Had relocated my MOSFET stator a while back and I started having charging problems after 1,000mi. on the new stator. Voltage was gone on one leg and 15vdc on the other 2...no legs grounded.
Put in a TPE stator, 40 vdc at idle per leg but charging at batt. lame [email protected],000rpm, batt checked out ok under load test. Followed the RR diag and it checks out ok?

Problem solved!
Because of the posts here, I investigated the use of wires directly from the battery to the RR using 10ga wire.
I removed the mosfet batt connector and made jumper wires from the RR plug to the socket so I could measure the voltage at the RR at idle. 13.86vdc at the RR while 13.31 at the battery...a drop of .55volts "somewhere" in the system. After installing the new wire, voltage at the battery and RR were the same. Now have 14+ volts at batt higher rpm's.

You guys keep talking and I'll keep listening.
Thanks again!
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