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I recently bought a budget category helmet made by LS2. Stream model, full face helmet with drop down sun-shade and pin lock.


I paid $66 for an open box item, they run for $100. I am glad I did not spring for the modular version as the main feature I cared about would work exactly the same (internal sun shade)

Good for the price, comfortable (for me), moderate wind noise (whatever that means in my judgement), awesome easy to use\release ratcheting strap. Fits great with eye glasses.

Here's the reason its only worth <$100 IMO sun shade doesn't go low enough when sitting upright (would be fine leaning forward). Half my vision is below the edge of the shade. Boo.

Bottom line this helmet would rock for a sport bike or forward leaning position, BUT the field of vision isn't quite right for a cruiser and the sun shade doesn't drop low enough.

OK for $100 if value is more important than features IMO.

There are better helmets for sure out there costing 3x+ but I think it beats the average bell with less features that costs equal or more :)

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Last summer I was looking for a full face helmet which provided the maximum protection with outstanding airflow. After searching I found the Fly Paradigm. Revzilla did a nice review with video and it's now less than 100 bucks. It's my go to helmet for the summer as I have three others. My worst helmet is the NEXX helmet. What a TOTAL PIECE OF SHOTZ. Poorly made. It's like wearing the cap of foam. Looks good though. Lost bolts and metal pieces off of it. I hate it but continue to wear if from time to time cuz I can be shallow.

Check out the Paradigm. Pretty amazing given the price.


It's not noisy. it doesn't whistle.

3.47 lbs


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The Pin-lock is a great feature, I tried all the anti-fog products through the years and it's the only one that actually works.
LS2's are made in Spain and have gotten good reviews. I don't think anyone markets a full face helmet for cruiser riders, your observation on the sun shield should be noted for others looking at a similar feature on other helmets.

Fly helmets have had mixed reviews...both on their MX and street helmets. Most complaints center around the visors...not fitting right, not closing, to issues with clarity of the visor itself.

A Hundred Bucks is still a lot of money to many people, but there are several decent helmets out there in this price range.
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