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Q: I put new brake pads on the front of my bike the first of the season and now every once and a while it after I apply the front brake and release it I here the pad dragging a bit then it goes away.Any ideas on what and how to fix???

A: They do this on occasion..nothing to worry about and they will general fix themselves over time... KM
Front Brake Pads: EBC Kevlar Brake Pads Dennis Kirk Part Number: 195094
Manufacturer Part Number: FA85 Price: $27.99

Squeaking Sound:

The squeaking sound from the front brake is the brake pads vibrating against the stainless steel discs. A possible cure is to coat the pads with silicone adhesive (RTV) where they touch the caliper and the piston. If you do it, be advised that brake pad dust is the dirtiest stuff that you barely see before you touch it. The best precaution is to get a can of Brake Clean from an auto parts store before you start. The other option is to have plenty of cleaning rags/towels, and liquid soap.

1. Remove bolts from one caliper

2. Pry the top of the caliper side-to-side to spread the pads

3. Remove the pads and clean the back sides thoroughly

4. Apply 1/8" thick RTV
(RoomTemperatureVulcanizing) to contact areas

5. Reinsert pads into the caliper

6. Carefully spread (screwdriver or thin wrench) the pad gap a little (to easier slip over the disc)

7. Slide the caliper into place

8. Reinstall the caliper bolts (torque to 24 ft-lb)

9. Repeat steps 1 thru 8 for the other side

10. VERY IMPORTANT: Pump the brake lever until it feels normal !! this avoids crashing at the end of the driveway !!

11. Clean-up

12. Ready to ride - no need to wait for RTV to dry
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