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Well the winter is now approaching and I am riding less and less and for shorter periods of time. In between rides I do not have the luxury of a garage and can only cover the bike with a bike cover.

I am finding that with the damp in the air the front discs are going rusty at an alarming rate when not riding and I need to find a way of preventing this.

Before I ride I attempt to clean off the rust with cloths but this does not get rid of it and the wear of the pads against the shoes when braking does not remove it either as I do not ride now for long periods.

Pretty soon I will be parking the bike up for the winter so I imagine the rust will grab a hold then, so for now would it hurt to run over the discs with 1000 wet/dry paper, or lightly grease them before or after the ride to prevent the rust occuring or spray them with WD40

Any help would be appreciated as the last thing I need is total seizure due to lack of use

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Can you take the front wheel off and keep it inside your home?

The surface rusting you're getting is normal, though I have no way of gauging what is an "alarming" rate, especially if the bike is being kept outside in the damp. BTW, alot of damp comes up off the ground, so covering the bike doesn't stop the moisture problem.

You could make a carboard/ wood/ plastic platform to store the bike on, but even then you'll just slow the process down.

All the bike shops around me offer inside heated winter storage, on a battery tender, with a spring time oil change for around $200 for the season.

Also, alot of those self storage facility's offer some rooms that are inside and heated, but that would be a monthly bill and probably go over 200 bux by the end of winter.

Maybe a friend with a garage even?

Just some ideas for you that might help you.

I'd lean away from sanding and greasing/oiling the rotors, and also, make sure your brake fluid is good. Storing the bike outside in direct cold, if there's water in your brake system, there could be some freezing in there...

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There was another post about this somewhere...

I think I had asked "Aren't the rotors stainless steel?"

I have a Vulcan wheel that's been sitting in my garage for several years now , near the front... I have seen water around it that leaked under the door...but the rotors are not rusting at all...so go figure...

A bit of rust on rotors is not really a problem, but if it concerns you I'd take Dougs suggestions first here. Simply bringing the wheel in sounds like the easiest move.

You have a photo of the rusty rotors? Perhaps not all Vulcan rotors are the same?

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