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(Original version posted on the list on June 21st or thereabouts)

Wow! What a weekend!!! I highly, highly recommend attending Boscobel 8 next year, if you can. What a large group of crazy people who have the warmest hearts... kinda like the people on this list!

Thursday I met up with a fellow Twin Citian, and we rode the 5 hours to Boscobel, Wisconsin with just a couple of gas stops. The Corbin seat really makes a huge difference. I was able to go 75 miles with no difficulty, whereas with my stock seat anything over 50 miles was torture on the back. We strolled into town about 5pm, where I happened to meet Bulldog in the hotel lobby. He took me under his wing, and brought me to the downtown happenings and introduced me to as many people as he knew. Caught up with Pick and Stewart on Main Street and spent the night comparing bikes with them and many of the others there.

Friday morning we all met up at the local motel parking lot to gather for the first group ride. I think someone counted 54 bikes. We had police escorts to get us out of town, and blockers all along the way to New Glarius, Wisconsin (I think?? I don't know, I just followed the group, lol.) I had never ridden in a group setting of more than 8, so this was quite an experience. With the rolling Wisconsin hills and winding roads, there were points that everywhere I looked, ahead and behind me, all I saw were bikes... what an awesome sight!

Everyone rode back to Boscobel in their own little groups, some going to a nearby town for its famous one pound hamburgers, and others to another town for a fish fry. I chose to go to a local dinner club with a group of about 20 others. On the way back from New Glarius I lost my new highway peg. The screw came undone and the peg went flying. I didn't know about it until Bulldog pointed it out to me. Thank goodness he knew where to find it, so I was able to get it back.

Saturday morning I got to meet the saintly woman who puts up with Bulldog on a daily basis, his wife Pat, who is a great person! Then we all met up again at the motel parking lot and split into two groups to head over to J & P Cycles in Anamosa, Iowa, but caught up to each other to ride the last 10 miles together... a group of about 64 this time. Quite a site!! At one point, a horse in a roadside pasture decided to run with us as far as his fencing would let him. Talk about incredible. It was a really neat sight to see him running along with us.

After about 6 trips into and out of J&P Cycle's store and parking lot, I was able to get a screw for my highway peg, and all was happy again :) Then people split up and rode to a Motorcycle Museum where they had lunch waiting for us. People did their own thing again on the way back to Boscobel. I rode back with someone who used to live in the area, and got to push my skills on some really cool twisties.
Saturday night, many people hung out at the motels' parking lot, talking, drinking, BSing and NANMRA riding. (Umm, Pick, Stewart, Bulldog my good, dear, trustworthy friends...we'll keep those details to a minimum, lol, I want to save face somehow on this trip, heh.)

Sunday morning, myself, the fellow Twin Citian, and another, took some twisties north to head home. About 3 miles before we were to split off (the 3rd person was heading back to Nebraska) I took a tumble on a turn. I got a bit over confident with my newfound skills, and took the downhill turns a bit faster than I should have. Rather than hitting the brakes hard enough to really slow down, (and chancing locking them up,) I chose to take the turn wide. Ended up going too wide, and hit some gravel. Thankfully, I was only going about 25-30 miles per hour and was wearing full leathers/helmet. My windshield snapped in half (I wanted to cut it down, but I guess this is saving me from the hassle, lol) and my right floorboard also snapped apart. With the help of the two guys, every thing got taken care of so I could ride it the remaining 175 miles home. I have a pretty nasty bruise on my right elbow/forearm, but that is it as for my bodily damage. So I am very thankful for that.

Other than that minor mishap on the way home, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend! I am already planning for next year's trip. (And much to my mother's dismay, I'm still taking the trip down the Mississippi River in August!)

Jill in Minnesota
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