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Not sure if this is the right forum to post this message but I wanted other riders to be wary of buying from this company. My experience was as follows:

- Purchased a Cordin saddle from www.discountcycleparts.com for what I thought was a great price

- DISCOUNT CYCLE PARTS sent wrong saddle so I requested exchange

- DISCOUNT CYCLE PARTS complained that they took a loss on the seat because they sold it to me too cheaply

- After numerous phone calls and emails a DISCOUNT CYCLE PARTS representative agreed to pay return shipping costs if I mailed receipt

- Emailed to question shipping refund delay and was told above employee was no longer with DISCOUNT CYCLE PARTS

- Was again told I should be glad I got the saddle at such a great price and that there would be no refund even though they made the mistake

- DISCOUNT CYCLE PARTS continued to advertise saddle on website for same price a month after I purchased mine

- DISCOUNT CYCLE PARTS will no longer respond to my emails and removed the saddle from their catalog 2 days ago

Although it only cost $23 to ship the saddle back to DISCOUNT CYCLE PARTS it has become a matter of principle for me. I have all emails to and from the company regarding this matter that clearly indicate they made the mistake and their promise to reimburse the return shipping charges. Would be glad to post emails if anyone doubts my story.

Please think twice before doing business with DISCOUNT CYCLE PARTS!!!!!!
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