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Excellent Service.

I wanted to pick up some luggage on short notice for a longer trip this coming weekend. Scout around on the interwebs and while everyone has the same gear, everyone is saying 'won't ship for two days after order is received, and then it's 3-7 days for shipment'.

Call Belden asking if I can overnight it or find out about alt shipping. 'Let me see if it's in stock, yup, we can ship that today ground and it'll get to you by thursday'. (this was Monday around noon).

Got in to work this morning, checked my email. Said it was delivered during my drive to work. That's 21 hour shipping. I'm guessing in no small part to the effort by the sales/shipping team to get it out the door in time.

So a big woot to them.

Oh, and the prices were good too. Website seems sketchy (read: not as accredited as amazon or ronayers or the like), but they got the job done and done real well.
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