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Yes there are backrests. I don't have any specifics but many of us list our accessories, Protrac is one I see listed often.

Good luck

PS. found this in the Vulcan Verses listed with this group and the yahoo group.


Q: I just want to confirm this - your saying that the Pro-Tac fits over a Mustang seat and that the combination of the two is comfortable. Is this correct? I'd eventually like a Mustang and already have the > excellent Pro-Tac. How did the Mustang line up with the mounting > holes in the sissy bar?

A: Sorry about the slow reply. Yes, it fits over the mustang seat. Let the person you order it from know you have a mustang seat. The bracket mounts are the new type and they go on the top shock bolts. Come very close to the air nipple on the right side but it works. Takes about 10 minutes tops to install, even though I had to remove my saddlebags. Yes it is comfortable. Read the other posts about the riding position changes, and mounting the bike etc... It does make you sit just a tad closer to the handlebars, which means you don't reach as far, and probably that is one of the things that helped my back. The gentleman I spoke too said that he was adding a couple of inches to the brackets because the mustang seat adds to your sitting height. I ended up not trimming the brackets, yet. It seems to be the right height for me. He will ask you for your height too. It's not the fanciest backrest ever seen, but it worked for me. I used to only be able to ride about 1 hour without a sore back, now I'm up to three. Going to try a belt this spring to see if that helps this old back too. Good luck, and sorry about the delay in the reply. Been too busy eating turkey and surfing the web making up my Christmas list.


the Protac backrest that will work with the stock seat and the Mustang seat? I'm not sure if it will work with the Travelcade. Maybe those that have it can tell you.

I have a Protac on Arrow and love it. Was gonna order one for my new bike down here when I stumbled on a Protac for a 500 LTD Kaw very cheap. Looked just right ... so what the heck? and guess what? It fits my new vn750. What's more, the brackets are bolted to the front grab rail bolts, not the shock bolts. The pad is lower than the one made for the 750, but I like that ...more support in the small of my back. A little too soon to recommend this outright, but I'll get back on this after I've used it a bit more. So far so good and if I keep using it, I've saved over half the cost. grambo

Another option is to install a travel bag with a built-in backrest:

I got the Lazy Rider Bag. Unless you like being pushed to the front of the seat, don't do it. It is too way large in diameter. Quality and construction is good, so I will keep mine and put it on the luggage rack when I need the extra luggage space. Get the Protac back rest instead. Much better support, fits right and is somewhat adjustable. My $.02 Just remember that free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it. Dennis Krusty Old Phart
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