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Ive written the proceedure one too many times in threads, so here it is as a sticky.

Often particles get into a carb which SeaFoam and such wont dissolve. Many passages are somewhat "venturied" (just made that up) meaning the stuff gets in, but wont pass...like a bad gallstone.
Theory is : send it out the way it came in. Pure logic.

A quick and easy proceedure that often solves the problem :

1) remove the intake device on a specific carb (be it a stock snorkel or a pod).

2) place a piece of tubing over the drain nipple on the carb and loosen the screw. Drain carb.

3) place and hold a 1 foot or more piece of tubing onto the drain nipple. Blow thru it untill you see it "spitting" from the intake.

4) close the drain, refill carb, and repeat.

This works 7 times outta 10....easy peasey...back on the road.

Added note to my original proceedure...if its really bad, blow it out once plain, then open up the throttle and do it again....
Hey Wolfe,
Good day, brother.
Wouldn't it make more sense to shut the petcock, take the two feed hoses off the gas tank, open the drains on the bottom of the carbs and blow down through the hoses?
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