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..before I ****can it, that is???
This is the same Dyna2000 that I bought new from DynaTek in Sep03....
That crapped out on me on the road in July 04 (see 'Vendors' forum)....
That DynaTek replaced under warrantee in Aug04....
That crapped out on me again this past Jan....
That I shipped back to them this past Feb...,
That they allegedly tested, and found to be 'good'.
Just got around to finally installing this pos, and I'm at a loss to figger out how this thing can be 'good' because when it's installed, I get very difficult starting, hesitation & backfiring out the yin-yang, NO throttle response...the racket is so bad I'm afraid to twist the throttle, and it won't get past 2000rpm anyway.
Same symptoms as when it went on me on the road...only this time, because it WILL idle OK, I can run the bike on the centerstand till warm, and then everything is OK. Very strange...
I've checked most everything short of pulling the gas tank and carbs and checking for some sort of fuel delivery problem, as well as not testing the coils.
Why??? Because when I re-install the OEM igniter...my bike runs purrfect!!!
Of course I told the boys at DynaTek this....
Soo....what can I be missing?? Is it possible that maybe bad coils would make the bike hum with the stock igniter, yet run like poop with a (supposedly) superior after-market device???
Anybody game to test this out on a known good bike???
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