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Hey everyone,

Just got back from the Americade 2014 rally at Lake George NY (www.americade.com), spent a few days and had a blast!

Here’s my bike at a quick stop on the way up:

Everywhere you looked there were beautiful mountains.

Nice VN750 who ever you are…

Found this VN750 parked a few bikes away from mine. Let’s see if we can spot all of the customizations…

R/R relocated!
air horn,
Corbin seat,
Kawasaki engine guard,
Kawasaki luggage rack,
Kuryakyn ISO grips,
Kuryakyn brake pedal,
highway pegs,
aftermarket saddlebag supports,
fork brace,
fork deflectors,
mud flaps,
upper fork chaps,
fog lamps,
top case,
tank chaps with pocket,
two USB chargers in the pocket,
water bottle holder,
blue oil cap,
red spark plug wires,
red pin striping on fenders,
both sides of engine covers are polished,
chrome molding on bottom of tank,
chrome molding around the bottom of the fenders,
blue pin striping on wheels (reflective stickers looks like),
carbon fiber sticker wrapped gauges and license plate light,
chrome coolant reservoir cover… anything else?

Scenic rest stop on the Poker Run:

More of those beautiful mountains:

If you’ve never been to Americade you are missing out. The Poker Run was a heckuvalottafun. We got to test ride a few bikes. The New 2014 Harley Sportster 1200T (touring) which much to my surprise I found to be a bit of a disappointment I gotta say. The Canam Spyder, hated it, hated it, hated everything about it. And the Kawasaki Z1000, OMG it red lines at 11000+ RPM and was doing triple digits effortlessly at only 4000 RPM. Wow, keep me away from that thing.

The weather was mostly cooperative over the few days we were there. Rained a couple of times, but was mostly warm and sunny. Everyone was super nice and friendly up there. The volunteers that work the event and the people that put it all together really do a fantastic job.

Running a new 110/90 Shinko 230 Tour Master front tire. Did just over 825 miles for the whole trip and averaged 42 to 49 MPG. Got less mileage when the gas said it contained 10% ethanol and got more when we kept the speeds down on the back roads. Took one tank to 146 miles, went on reserve at 141, put 2.963 gallons in, so in theory it had about 20 miles more to go before completely empty.

Ride safe! -Sloppy

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Great pics, I use to camp there as a kid.

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Unfortunately, I was not able to go this year, but it looks like you had a nice few days.

I love the roads and scenery in Lake George...I will most likely take the bike up and camp on the lake soon if and when I can get some time off.

Next year Sloppy, we got to plan and meet up there.
I have family not to far away, so maybe the wife and I will spend a few days if we can get the time off next year.

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Americade is gonna die out....the thing in Warrensburg is gonna take its place....Warrensburg is nicer anyway, as is Schroon Lake....goin to Americade is like goin to Branson, MO....too touristy....and WAY too pricey...
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