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I went to wash my OEM air filter, I got it washed without a problem,
but I really think it is a lousey filter.(for $28 bucks)

K&N is $69...I'm too cheap for that.

So here's my plan. I plan to make my own air filter housing (I am a
machinist/welder by trade) from aluminum. then I am going to buy a
roll of air filter foam from UNI and wrap it around my frame. then I
can oil it , remove the foam for easy cleaning.(13.00 for the foam)

I know I can make the frame easy enough(got to love programable
milling machines). I'll just use the oem filter frames for size.
Will the oiled UNI filter material filter out what I need without my
needing to re-jet? I know they are good filters as my ATV ate dust
for 10 yrs with one, but I'm not sure about the re-jet.

any info is appreciated

thanks, Stan

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Do yourself a favor spring the extra bucks for the K&Ns. IMHO the UNI filter material is a poor subsitute for the (cotton?) or whatever material K&N uses. I look at the holes in the UNI foam material and I am not impressed. Good Luck in whatever you decide to due. Keep the Chrome side up
Respectful Regards
Ed "Green Arrow"
1986 VN750 "Leonidas"
Lots of extras and more everyday.
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