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I won a new factory RR on Ebay from seller harley987 of Reggie's Cycle and ATV in Tifton GA. The item was listed for a KLF KEF 300 BAYOU *regulator rectifier which is the same one as my 99 VN750 uses. He sells turnsignals for our scooter also.

Anyway, I wanted to let everyone know about my experience with harley987. The post office lost my package. He sent me another one with no questions or charge. All he asked for was if the first ever showed up to send it back to him.

What customer service. If you ever have the chance to deal with harley987 on Ebay do so, If your in Tifton GA stop in and say hi. In my book this is a great guy.

99 VN750
Daytona Beach
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