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I bought this in February of this year to learn how to ride. It Rides great especially for a new rider.
But it does need work.
Hard to start when hot( I have read on this board that this is not too hard to correct.)
Front end apparently had taken a hit before I bought it. We didn't notice when I bought it but I had new tires put on 700 mile ago and was informed at that time the fron had taken a hit.
Has been degaoted but I still have the bell so it goes with the bike.
Clymer manual goes too.
All light work, but there is no Horn

Fun little bike but I needed/wanted something bugger so I bought an 1800.

This is a great bike to get back into it or to learn on, Runs Great , or would make a great project bike as well. 32K miles no toolkit though.

Anyone interested can email me at [email protected] or call me at 404.379.7899
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