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Alright.. After getting the lights moved, and finding out that it's not as easy as it was implied when I bought the seat, I have almost (90%) done I think. I need to put in the PVC pipe cover for support for the driver and then I think I made a mistake or two and I wanted to get the opinion on them.

1) Without the PVC pip support there is a little bit of left and right wiggle at the very front of the seat. Will the PVC correct this or did I trim down the 900 tap/tongue to much? I trimmed it length wise and took a tiny bit depth wise.

2) There is about an .5" or less gap between the tank and the front of the seat. I tried to move it as forward as I could but the screw (that was already in the seat when I got it) was as far as could go over the fender. How much trouble is that going to cause me? Anything I could do to mitigate it? Tank Bib?

3) Should I put the blue lock nut stuff on the nut under the fender?

4) There is a bit of a gap between the rise in the seat and the bike. It looks like it's sitting on the supports (except for PVC) but is that gap going to be a problem?

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