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Hey guys. Last summer I was hit by an SUV who was running a red light. Now, after much deliberation, I have decided to part with the bike I almost died on. I wanted to eventually fix it, but that has become impossible due to my friend, who's garage it's in moving out of the state. So, my loss is your gain.

$500 will get you one fairly beat up 89 vn750 with brand new tires - less than 50mi.
a MOSFET, an uninstalled Tim Parrott stator, and the parts to do the mod. I'm sure there are a ton of good parts on this thing, and it does make me a little sad to see it turned into a parts bike, so when you come get it, just tell me you're going to restore it.

Oh yeah. I'm in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.


Mike Gaffey
[email protected]
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