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OK So first things first I guess, Thank you all for all the great info that has been publicly shared here by all of you.

I am a first time poster, but "long time listener".

I have been dealing with a slew of different issues that have been arising in close timing to one another. just to give you an idea of what kind of condition this ride has been in.
But to be absolutely fair a good number of the issues were more than likely due to my own actions more than anything else.

I have pulled the motor and have completed the tuxedo mod (so In the future the stator changes will be much, much , much easier. I managed to get her to running condition but only for a test ride, it did not last long. I may have failed to properly torque the 4 nuts on the end of the drive shaft, but I know I did not apply lock tite on them, so stuff got loose and I chewed some thing up in there,

real shame there is that I had done the spline lube while I had the bike tore apart.

I haven't gone so far as to investigate the damage yet, due to the fact that I was determined to at least get the rest of the electrical in order before I end up spending a good deal of money I do not have at this time.

The head light has never came on in the time I have owned the bike, the tail light did at first but didn't after a while. and the turn signals were aftermarket and barely bolted on, and not connected electrically at all.

Eventually I discovered that the electrical issues were getting worse when the bike would no longer even try to turn the starter.

I got a cheap replacement for the main wire harness and that was when the bike just right out quit doing any thing.

I just recently got a used junction box from the bone yard, plugged it in (at this time the original wire harness due to making sure I didn't leave some thing unplugged) and with nothing routed properly The head light and the tail light/ brake light all work, but the starter still gives no effort at all, I come to the conclusion that is the starter relay, due to no click and no continuity when the button is depressed....

now before I go and re route all the wires I get the bright idea to try to take the nice looking connectors from the crappy harness, and apply them to the working harness. (I am so foolish) I start with the most jacked up connector of all of them the 8 pin connector going to the juction box. Having already moved the blue wire to dodge using the light relay and have the head light come on with out turning the motor, I figured why not I know I can change them all out (I so regret this) Now I am back to having nothing happen at all...

I am fairly sure I put them all in the right place but the more I try to make heads or tales out of this mess I find myself questioning if I put this where it goes or if this one and this one should be switched. (woe is me drowning in my own ignorance)

My manual has a wiring diagram but it doesn't seem to place them in any order as far as the connector is concerned. it just shows that 7 wires go to the fuse box/ junction box.

SO I am sorry I made my first post so ridiculously long but the short of it is can some one please post a good picture showing which wires go where in that connector please I wish to check my work.

I predict that if this is not what is wrong then the salvaged juction box just died out on me.

Thank you all in advance.

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Your headlight was not working because the stator was not outputting a signal to the Junction Box which kicks a relay on internal to the JB, thus the headlight circuit becomes active after the bike is running. Moving the headlight wire would not have helped....put it back the way it was.

Your junction Box is tested to be good....go back and put all the wires back to the stock position according to the drawing Slim provided above.

Start there and report back with what you have....we will work through it one step at a time.
If you press the start button and get a click from the JB, but the starter does not turn, you may have a bad starter relay (right side under the side cover). you can jump the large leads with a screwdriver on the relay and the starter should turn (with a good battery).
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