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Couldn't resist. Technically the Vulcan is there, but this is the same week I got it on the road, it's a bit different looking now..

The panel truck was built by the guy that gave me my screen name. I said, hey I got a bike, let's ride. He looked it over and said, you got a spockster! He had a sporty ironhead at the time.

This truck has been done a few times, it was orange just before this paint job. He's a body man.

Wheel Tire Vehicle Land vehicle Car

My buddy's Vrod. If you look close you can see the cords sticking out on the rear tire.

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Plant

Nice spot with a picnic table to get out of the sun. 1/4 mile off The Triple Nickel in Ohio.

Plant Sky Infrastructure Tree Thoroughfare
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