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Some may be interested in shop prices. I live in rural SW Iowa and took my bike back to the shop I bought it from for service. I had 7600 miles on an 05 vn750 that I bought new. I still had tread left especially on the front but for safty reasons bought new Dunlop 404s for both front and back. I also got ad oil change and filter while I was there. Thanks to you, I took the opportunity to lube the splines. Thanks to Fergy and his how to info and photos, I showed the mechanic what I wanted. This is a rural shop that works on more lawn mowers than bikes but that worked for me as I stayed with my bike and made sure I got what I wanted. Checking the Splines during a rear tire change was easy as the wheel had to come off anyway. I saw for myself that the splines were lubed to start with but we added fresh lube anyway. The value of members like Fergy can't be overstated. Even if you don't plan on doing the work yourself you should read what these people have to say and print off there photos and how tos and take them to your shop so you can point at what you want if nothing else! AND YES THE GUY DID LOOK AT THE PHOTOS! The following is what I was Charged.
Front tire 91.95
Back tire 141.95
oil 14.00
filter 7.95
chng tires 80.00
Spline lube included
Grease, I brought my own
tax 23.51

Total $ 359.36

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No thanks necessary! I'm just thankful I could be of some help. I was in your shoes, and didn't have the photos to show the shop and they changed the gear oil instead. I couldn't explain what was needed with my lack of knowledge, and they didn't have a clue either. That's kind of what inspired me to do a pictorial with the instructions. Many here ahead of me had written up the instructions, so I don't get any credit. I just tried to make it more visual. You are right that the folks here are worth their weight in gold! I feel like I have friends all over the country, world for that matter, as a result of this site.

I think you did fine with the cost. Yeah, you probably spent more than most would for the d404's and installation, but factor in the spline lube and it's hard to put a price on that. Glad your splines were lubed, and that you got to see the procedure! That will build your confidence for hitting it yourself or helping someone else in the future. I'd say, you came out smelling like a rose!:smiley_th

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Sounds like a good dealership and a price similar to what I would have paid.
Couldn't even get my Superstore dealership to look at the spline procedure.

Those Dunlop 404's are a pair of nice lookin tires, but I wouldn't recommend the white walls for VN750's.

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