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Well I never thought it would happen, but I decided to sell my 750.
Fell in love with the Concours and that is what I am looking to get
now. House is not big enough with 2 dogs 3 cats and 2 bikes. And
possibility of a baby on the way!

So here she is
2003 Vulcan 750
Has Extended Warranty that does not expire till 12/6/2007
Many accessories on her.

I had 9,000 miles when I put new Pirelli Tires on her in Oct of 2003.
The reading now says close to 30,000 miles. One thing I have noted
and The dealer knows is that since the Pirellis the reading on the
mileage is 1.6 for every mile. So there is not really 30,000 miles on

I will tank the ammo cans off unless someone as crazy as me likes
them. I have had all the service done at one dealer other than oil

The splines have been lubed and I did give them th emoly and have
pictures to prove it was used.

Email me with any questions at [email protected]
I am in Texas and will deliver out of state (depending on which state)

Will put it on Ebay, but wanted to give it a chance here first.
This is a great group and hope to meet up with you on rides and get

Woo Hoo
VROC# 10079
pictures and info at http://www.carveyparker.com

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Well the bike sold quick and thank God to one of our own members. Now I know she will be taken care of. Gonna miss you all! I will keep you posted on the new bike.
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