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After a month with my VN-750, I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that this style bike is not for me. I just can't get with the feet-forward riding position. I'm chalking it up to having ridden sportbikes for far too long. At 43, I'm not sure I can endure another repli-racer but I also know I'm not a cruiser guy, either.

I purchased this 2002 from a friend in CT in early May (2006). He purchased it new in 2003 and rode it for a whopping 179 miles before figuring out he wasn't really a bike guy anymore (he purchased it at 62 years old after a 30-year absence from bikes). The bike is completely stock. Black and silver.

I've ridden the bike over the past few weeks and have just ridden-off the 500 mile/4000rpm limit. The maintenance recommendation is now 6000rpm until 1000 miles. Current mileage is 519 total miles. The only maintenance done (none needed), to date, is an oil change -- done when I purchased the bike.

The bike is, for a all practical purposes, a brand new bike. It has no damage of any kind. Has been garaged at all times. No dings, dents, scratches, rust. It has never been down, never left outside.

I paid $4200 and would like to get what I paid for it. I realize this is at the upper end of the value range but bear in mind the mileage and condition. Images available for those interested. My e-mail: chris AT stby DOT com
Bike is garaged/located in New Hampshire.

I've not put the bike on eBay yet and I've not yet tried to sell it locally.
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