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As much as I want to keep it, it will be necesary for me to sell my
VN750. My daughter has ridden it on a parking lot and feels it is too
much bike for her at her present level of experience. She just passed
the MSF course and has never ridden before. After watching her handle
it on a parking lot I tend to agree with her. She wants to start out
on something similiar the the 250 Nighthawk she took the course on.
Once she gets some miles under her belt and gains confidence she will
most likely migrate to something larger. I would really like to hang
on to it but I don't have the financial resources or garage space to
keep three motorcycles, so the VN750 has to go. (sob, sob)
It's a 2001 that just turned 40,000 miles so it's not a garage queen.
I had it out this afternoon and she's running great.
It has:
Stock exhaust including pre muffler (power chamber).
Holes drilled in muffler back plates give it sightly louder and deeper tone.
Marbled but no coasters.
Stock intake. Extra set of foam filters. Filters cleaned at 39,700 miles.
Final drive and coupler replaced at 18,000 (my fault). Last spline lube at 37,000 miles, looks perfect.
Speedometer drive cable replaced at 17,000 (lost innerds on highway)
Kaw engine guard with welded on peg mounts. o-Ring highway pegs.
Kaw saddle bag supports and TS relocate.
Saddleman Jumbo Drifters saddlebags bolted on.
Kaw luggage rack with the JCW trunk mounted on it.
Mustang studded wide seat along with OEM seat.
Kury led meter. Shows mostly 2 greens, occasionally one when cruising. Connected to front running light ciruit in headlight shell so probably shows a bit low.
Memphis Shades Hellcat windshield.
Home made lowers.
Superbrace fork brace.
Emgo tear drop mirrors.
Throttle Rocker.
Fork bag hides area where stock horns used to be.
Wolo Maxi auto 125 DB (I think) horns mounted on each side of the steering head covers, with relay operated by OEM horn button. I have the OEM horns somewhere.
Single 35 watt rectangular fog light mounted directly under head light. Operated by relay, comes on with running lights.
Sylvania Silver Star H4 headlight bulb and spare.
Metzler ME880 tires front and rear.
Front 110x90, replaced at about 31,000
Rear stock size, replaced at about 28,000
Synthetic oil since I got it at 7400 miles; faithfully changed with filter every 3,000 miles or sooner.
3 Extra Supertech 7317 oil filters.
Coolant drain and refill at 26,000 miles last spring(2005).
ACCT's rebuilt with TOC springs at about 26,000.
Yuasa MF battery two years old. Holds static 12.7 - 12.8 volts for days.
Iridium sparks plugs at about 31,000 miles. You'll never have to change them again.
Beeper turn signal minder.
Chrome LED license plate frame for Maryland plate which is larger than most states.
Harley old style turn signal housings with dual filament LED's mounted to license plate bracket used as auxliary tail/stop lights.
Front brake pads replaced about 20,000 miles with HH rated pads.
Regular use of Sea Foam in gas.
Kaw and Clymer service manuals.

Asking $2800.

KBB is approximately $2400 trade in, $3300 retail

Bike is in Jarrettsville, Maryland.
Title is clear and in hand.
I can trailer to you within a reasonable distance depending on

See Y'all at MMM06 with my Wee-Strom.

Dennis in Maryland
The Krusty Old Phart
Still turnin' burnin' and lurnin'
2001 Vulcan VN750 A17
2006 V-Strom DL650 K6

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2001 VN750 Price reduced

The mileage (now at 41,000, I still ride it at least once a week) seems to be a problem for buyers. I am reducing the price to $2600.
Just put on new front brake pads and refurbed rotors.


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2001 VN750 Price reduced even more

The higher mileage is making it a problem to find a buyer even though the bike runs great and has no problems. I have removed many of the farkles which I will sell separately and reduced the price to $2150.
Still on the bike:
Engine guard with highway pegs.
Saddleman Jumbo Drifter Saddle bags bolted on with F&S supports and TS/helmet lock relocate brackets.
Fog light.
Wolo horns.
12 V socket.
Emgo tear drop mirrors.
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