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3,365 miles on it. The bike is Almost all there - it's missing one of the breather box connectors, the rear seat bracket (but it does have a luggage rack), the front brake reservoir is solidified, and the rear brakes need to be replaced. Brake pistons are NOT frozen. No splices or other damage to the wiring harness, and all the connectors are still there, and connected where they should be.

All the turn signals have rotted away from their mounts from sitting for so long, so they're hanging but they Do work but very rusty inside from where water collected in the lenses.

I have replaced the throttle assembly (missing when I got it) and put new plugs in it. Changed the oil, filter, (still had the original one on it when I got it) and drained and filled the radiator in attempts to start it...engine turns over and it cranks fine, but won't fire. I'm thinking there's a fuel flow problem with the petcock, which I replaced with a used one from another VN750as the original one was trashed...probably just needs to be cleaned...the carbs are pristine. The factory mixture plug covers have not been removed.

I think what happened is, the PO laid it down and got scared of it...it was last tagged in '92 (the plate's still on it), but the right-hand side mirror is broken ( the glass), a scuff or two on the right side muffler (not noticeable unless you're looking for it), and there's a crease in the headlight ring, but the light itself is in one piece. The tank is fine, too, with just a few small rust spots in it...I was quite surprised when I opened it up!

Original Dunlop Qualifiers on it, and they still hold air, but I certainly wouldn't ride with them, as they are a bit dry rotted, but not bad...

The radiator overflow tank needs to be replaced - it pretty much cracked apart when I picked it up. I tried patching it, but it needs to be replaced.

Anyway, to make a long story short, this bike needs very little work to be back on the road. It still has the original break-in sticker on the tachometer!

Title, key AND shop manual comes with it, too! I'd like to get $1,000 for it, and no, I do not want to part it out, sorry.

If my pics did not post, PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send you the pics.

I live in central Virginia; please let me know if there's any interest; Thanks!



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