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Hello....I have a complete (minus the fan blade) '95, with a bad front cyl., available as a parts donor bike.

The bike is located 35mi of Disney World, between Tampa and Orlando, FL. I removed a few parts to make sure I understood how they came apart before working on my own '96 Vulcan. All of the removed parts are in a box except for the fan blade. While not going to win a beauty contest, all of the parts still work and are in good condition---no junk. I bought it to provide parts for my bike; but, since I have been kicked off the bike by my cardiologist, I'm selling my "showroom condition" bike.
Unfortunately, I have not had any interest shown in a package of both bikes (see other listing...same category below) so I am splitting them up. I would really like to sell this bike as a complete bike rather than part it out; but, if necessary, I will break it up and piece it out. The tires and wheels are still in very good shape (no rot, about half-life or better tread on both, and wheels are not damaged). Nothing (other than front cyl.) is damaged and the bike shows average wear for a mid 90's bike. The rubber parts are not junk, but definitely do not look new (I am comparing the grips and foot rests to my "as new" bike parts. The mechanical parts (hard parts) are all useable (controls, switches, starter, coils, radiator ect.)

If anyone in the mid FL area needs a complete parts bike, please contact me. I do not have a trailer so delivery is "pick it up here" Contact me and I will take whatever picture you want and email it...thanks, Tony

(863) 604-9516 [email protected]
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