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⭐New Site Banner Contest!!!⭐

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With the kind permission of the site's upper administration, we've been given a green light to freshen up the site with a new banner!

After discussing a few options, we've decided that the entire community here should participate in this change, and for that purpose we're going to have a contest of sorts.

The only rules are:
  • You can submit individual original photos or graphic designs you've created or royalty-free images you've found online. (But absolutely no copyrighted images.) Or, you can simply submit ideas or suggestions. This includes a new logo as well.
  • Keep it VN750 themed and family-friendly.

Additionally, if you don't want a new banner and would rather keep the existing one, cast your vote! This post will remain stickied until March 17th to give as many members as possible the opportunity to contribute.

We're looking forward to seeing the results!
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When is the due date for the banner? Is it 17-Mar? I'll ask my wife for assistance; she has some graphic design experience and works on websites/social media marketing for others.
You can submit images that you would like to see included in a banner here in the comments until March 17th. The creation of the final banner will be done on our end, because there are some formatting restrictions that need to be applied uniformly between desktop and mobile versions, and we'd like to include contributions from as many members as possible.
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What are the dimensions and formats? PNG? JPG? How about a .gif? 🙂
You can submit any still image format. GIF's would be cool as hell, but unfortunately not supported!

Dimensions are irrelevant. Once the winning submissions have been decided, we'll go from there. Just about everything will need to be resized and modified to conform to the restrictions.
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Here are my entries for the banner contest.

Love the bridge shot. She got me droolin'
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You removed the crack in the driveway.
I didn't. The cops did.

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Plant Automotive fuel system
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Sir, with all due respect I'm going to have to disqualify your entry because that motorcycle is so incredibly sexy that it borders on pornographic.
Nose Smile Head Eye Vertebrate
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That's gorgeous!!! You don't happen to have an uncropped copy of this, do you?
It may be, was thinking they had used some of the '05 tanks, and that I saw a black/silver '06. I can be wrong too. Could be the same as mine, an '03 with a black/silver tank. (tank replaced)
Yep, mine's an '06 and she was red. I would have kept the original paint, but there were some deep scratches on the top of it, near the gas cap. Deep enough that they'd hit bare metal and had formed rust. If y'all remember, I had to replace the entire gas cap because some fool had drilled it out and must have been using a screwdriver to hit the release mechanism. I'm guessing all those scratches came from that.......

Tire Fuel tank Wheel Automotive fuel system Vehicle
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View attachment 55829 Different picture not cropped well
I think it's a great pic!
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That is SHARP. Did you create the entire thing from scratch, or is there a "found photo" involved?
It is a photo of the emblem on the trunk of a 1700 voyager. The logo itself was cut in half and flipped so that the shading was even on both sides. I then removed The V in the voyager text and the bottom rocker and added the 750 and Web address. It is transformative from the original photo, and Kawasaki does not have a trademark for the emblem. Even still, it is fair use as this forum is for educational purposes relating to Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycles.
Nicely done! What software are you using? (And thanks for submitting it in .png format!)
Thanks all! I use paint.net. Free and good enough. Png is my preferred format because no background.
Pretty good for free via website. You have a PC? If so, you should give GIMP a try. It's open-source which means it's free, far more powerful than Photoshop, and with literally thousands of free plug-ins and extensions (no ads) there's not much it can't do. Here's an example:

Just pulled this image off of Google:
Water Cloud Sky Plant Beach

I thought that young lady in the image looked lonesome, so I've arranged to bring her here.
She's no longer on the beach:

Water Cloud Plant Sky Tree

This took about two to three minutes, and I can't take much credit other than know how to do it. This software is great.
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Time's running out, fellas! Get your submissions in by the 17th of this month!
I couldn't get a decent picture by then. Don't think any I have are that great, at least not without a lot of work.
What kind of phone do you use, Spockster?
Android.. Moto G
Camera not any good on that model?
Yes it's probably ok, I just haven't been taking any good pics. :) I've kept the resolution settings low for text and email.

Would be hard to find a background right now that isn't gray barren woods.
Do you have some sort of data limit on your phone? What about your home's internet connection?

Most mobile carriers offer unlimited texting and messaging, which includes images.
No it's just courtesy to not send 1gb to someone in a text. Data might be free but someone's time is more valuable.

Got fiber optic at home, fastest ever.
A GIG? For a photo???

An average DVD movie in 1080p is roughly between 1.5 to 4 gigabytes. There's no way you're taking 1GB photos.
I just looked up your Moto G, It has a maximum 50mp (megapixel) resolution. It's most likely a 1 bit system which means that each picture you take should be roughly between 3-10 MB.

Rectangle Font Parallel Slope Brand

Even if your phone was taking 64-bit photos with 50 megapixel resolution (which it couldn't), the maximum size is 381 MB. If that were true, a hundred pictures would consume 38 GIGABYTES.

Rectangle Font Automotive exterior Parallel Magenta

Set your resolution to maximum, buddy! 5mb is quite small. Well....it wasn't always that way, lol!

Font Computer data storage Electronic device Hard disk drive Machine

I have a 1 Terabyte (1000 Gigabytes) card in my phone. The equivalent of over 500 movies.
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Just used gigabyte as an example.

Don't have a memory card so storage is also a concern, I just don't use high resolution for random snapshots.

Now if I decide to have posters printed, I crank it up.

Edit... I just got into that habit when using dialup and I think there used to be a problem on phones where high res pics wouldn't display the entire picture at the same time.
I do remember the days of dialup. Who could forget that sound???

Does that phone have a slot for a memory card? I know some phones aren't expandable. I was in Wal-Mart today and looked at memory cards, and a 32GB card is only $7. If I could travel back to 1980 with that card and my phone, I'd be a billionaire right now.

I've got a few extra memory cards. If you want/need one for free, I'll send you one. I could literally fold it up in a piece of paper and mail it to you with a single stamp.
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