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  1. Something funky with the front cyl ignition

    Whenever I crank the engine, the front plugs fire at the wrong time and the engine kicks back/blows air out the carb intakes. (valves/compression/timing has already been tested). I got a new ignition coil, and while it got slightly better, it still happens while cranking/ low RPMs. After...
  2. Brake light that controls the headlight...?

    So after several days of tearing down my 1993 Vn750 I've decided to post here. My headlight works when it feels like. At an idle the headlight is always on, but while cruising and accelerating it'll cut off and on randomly... And another weird symptom, I find that if the headlight cuts of if I...
  3. 1985 vulcan 700 electrical nightmare! Please help!

    I recently bought the bike and it started and ran fine. The blinkers dont work and the original owner gave me a new voltage regulator because the battery apparently died after a few days. I installed the regulator and started it up. Within seconds the voltage reg heated up , almost painful to...
  4. Wireing Loom Can anyone help?

    Hi I'm looking for some advice! I have a Vulcan 750 "86" It was imported to the UK from the US back in 1998, I have done some work on the bike it now has straight through exhuast and I have done away with the Emmission control system as we dont need it here in the UK. The problem is with the...
  5. Wiring Loom/Harness

    Hi Guys, After spending lots of time and money on my Vulcan 750 its now come to this! There is a major short in the wiring loom causeing the bike to try and start on its own or a complete and total loss of electrical power. whoever had the bike before me has arsed up the loom no end by...
  6. Wiring for Tail lights

    Hi, I have a Vulcan 750 1986, I have modified the back end, this has included relocating the Number plate and light so its now on a side mount and also putting on a new rear tail/brake light. The problem is that the new tail/brake light has only 2 wires whereas the old one had 3, I have a...
  7. wiring help!

    Hey just wanting to see if anyone out there has gone in to the wiring and gotten rid of a lot of unecessary wires, I am wanting to just run the bare minimum that i have to, like headlight, taillight, starter, etc. If anyone has pictures or any input on cleaning up and getting rid of some...
  8. Turn Signal Wiring question

    Thanks for reading this. I am in the process of replacing all 4 turn signal indicators on my 85 VN750. My replacement signals have 3 wires (for the front lights) which are red, black and black/white. The wires on the light I removed are blue, gray (or a dirty white) and black/yellow. The...