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  1. Wireing Loom Can anyone help?

    Hi I'm looking for some advice! I have a Vulcan 750 "86" It was imported to the UK from the US back in 1998, I have done some work on the bike it now has straight through exhuast and I have done away with the Emmission control system as we dont need it here in the UK. The problem is with the...
  2. New Wires with Iridium Plugs?

    Ok, so I bought the Iridium plug that everyone keeps raving about on here. First thing I notice is that the top of the plugs are a completely different shape than the plug I have in there now. The wires don't come close to fitting. So I guess this means I have to get new wires? Are they special...
  3. Lets see what I've Learned!

    VN750 General Discussion
    Hey All- Many of you have already been helping me out a ton. It's amazing how much you can learn in this place so fast. For those of you that don't know, my name is Jay and I recently purchased my 1994 Vulcan750. I am going under the assumption that NO real maintenance was done with this...
  4. Oddity possibly with the engine

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Hi everyone. First post to the site! I've looked around the forum and couldn't find a case of this. It may be nothing- but it's annoying. If I use my bike in city style riding for 30 mins or so this has been popping up lately. The 2 indicator lights for the turn signals both slowly come on...
  5. accel super coils

    while i had the engine out and had a little time waiting for my stator to return i decided to check out other things on the bike wires coils things like that when i check the resistance on the primary coil it was 5.9F 6.3R i borrowed the other tech's dvom just to be sure and yes i did zero out...