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  1. Connections tank Kawasaki vn750 (1993)

    Carbs and Fuel System
    Hi, See pic of my cleaned tank. Does anyone know if the connections numbered 1 and 2 on the picture should be connected? And if so, just "empty" to the bottom of the motor or connected to something? Thanks in advance.
  2. New Guy from near Chicago

    New Member Introductions
    Hi All Long time bike fan. Rode but never owned. I have an 80's Kawasaki bug lately. I saw one on the local Craig's list and started thinking again. My friend had a 750 LTD back in the day and I always wanted to get one. I am seeing a few out there. I can't believe a member here scored...
  3. New member (2nd try)

    New Member Introductions
    Hey Guys, I seem to have messed up my original thread from august 20th, so here's my second try. I'm Peter from the Netherlands, 29 years old, married and a daddy. I recently bought my first "cruiser", which is only my second bike. Before my vulcan I rode a stripped FZR 600...
  4. vn750 rpm guage

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    guage jumps around from 1000 to 3000 rpms at low rpm or high rpm it doesnt matter what rpm its turning. anyone have any idea what it could be?
  5. It just will not Start!

    I am somewhat new to a Vulcan. I am helping my friend who bought a 92 Vulcan 750 a couple of years ago and was always having problems with it until it simply would not start any more. We researched the problem and found it was not getting enough juice to keep running and determined the Stator...
  6. 1984 VN700 parts bike for sale.

    Sell or Swap
    Pretty straightforward. I'm in Baltimore. I'm getting rid of the bike. $700. It's titled and all the parts are there (except a battery). If you want to switch out the shifter shaft (included), reseal the tank (kit included), and clean the carbs (carb cleaner included) it will run fine. I don't...
  7. New to Vulcans

    New Member Introductions
    So I found a slightly customized 1996 vulcan 750 with 29k miles for what I think was a bargain price! Been riding it a few days and everything seems solid except the trans feels funny but could just be how they are. No, I haven't checked my splines yet. Got Cobra pipes, K&N filters and...
  8. Check out my vn750

    VN750 General Discussion
  9. 1996 Vulcan 750 for sale

    Sell or Swap
    Hey guys, my 750 is up for sale. I'm moving to a bigger bike (VTX 1300). Anyway I am asking $2500.00 OBO. The bike is in really great shape. Below is the craigslist link for the bike. Let me know if anyone is interested or has any questions. http://charlotte.craigslist.org/mcy/2240011429.html...
  10. 2006 Vulcan 750 For Sale (craigslist link)

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