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  1. Mayberry Days

    Southeast Region
    From 2005 thru 2007, there was a member and friend who orchestrated an annual gathering in Pilot Mountain, NC who went by the name of Uncle Gomer. I stopped by to see him a couple of years ago and he was looking at retirement at that time. I believe he said he still had his Vulcan 750 in the...
  2. 99 with a leak

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Hi all this is my first post. I have a few problems. I purchased my bike about 1 year ago. It had been sitting. I got it running somewhat and then it sat again. I sent it the shop almost a month ago now and they got it running. Said it needed a carb kit and a wire fixed and the pet cock fixed...
  3. Hello.....and Help

    New Member Introductions
    Newbie Here...... I'm in need of a little advice and assistance for my 2000 Vulcan VN750. A couple of years ago my best friend passed away, and he wanted me to have his Kawasaki Vulcan. It wasn't in all that good shape, but only had about 20K miles on it.....SO, I've been able to get it back to...
  4. Solo seat

    Does anyone know of a solo seat that works with the 86 VN750?
  5. New Rider

    New Member Introductions
    Fairly new to the 2 wheel life. Started with a CF Mofo V5 250cc. An automatic, but didn't look like your typical scooter. Had a cruiser style image to it. With that, I learned the fundamentals of riding. Well fortunately / unfortunately ever you want to see it, someone ran in to it in the...
  6. Nice! 2005 750 VN For Sale

    Sell or Swap
    Hello, After considering it through the winter, I have decided to sell my Vulcan. I can honestly say it is in great condition. The price includes saddlebags, windshield, cam adjusters, DC outlet, cruise control lever, watch holder, chrome saddlebag guards, rear, chrome luggage rack, voltmeter...
  7. Selling my trusty 750. Cross country proven.

    Sell or Swap
    My personal bike is for sale. This will probably be my last 750 ever. I'll still be around, but I don't get on any forums much these days. Sorry I don't have more pictures. I can get more if anyone is interested, but there isn't much more to see if you know a 750. Asking $1500. Clean title...
  8. Just another rook

    New Member Introductions
    Hey gents, good day to you all. I have been stalking this forum for the better part of 6 months just reading and researching, waiting until I actually got my bike to make intros. Well much to my pleasure, today is that day. Just got a 87 750 all ready for the road today. Excited to see makes...
  9. Hello from Arizona where its 110 outside haha

    New Member Introductions
    New to the forum but have already got a ton of information from this website. Any one in the phoenix area? Picked up my 96 VN750 a few months ago and am just trying to figure out where I want to begin. I'm wanting to go the bobber route and with the idea of less is more. Any suggestions as to...
  10. New Saddleman Seat For Sale

    Sell or Swap
    In an attempt to make my '93 VN750 fit me better, I special ordered a Saddleman seat over the winter, took 3 weeks to get it (they only make it upon special order now) and my butt has been in the new saddle exactly 3 times before I finally have to admit that the bike is simply too tall for me...
  11. GoPro ride and engine thump

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Got a gopro hero3+, great camera. At the beginning of the clip when i get to the stop light, you can kinda hear the thump I've been talking about on the front cylinder. Sorry about the rattling sound which is the fishing leeder I used to make sure my new camera doesn't become road kill if the...
  12. So impressed I had to join!

    New Member Introductions
    I bought my 06 VN750 in April of 07 off the how room floor and had no problems with her till a few months back. Then it seemed the bike possessed having one issue after then next. It even went to the point of having a mechanic friend work on it, witch up until then no one touched it but me...
  13. Chopped a hundred..first vulcan. read me

    New Member Introductions
    New to this forum, i have owned over 70 motorcycles everything from harley to norton. I have a pretty special way of customizing. I have a certian style To my madness. I am a certified welder..although thats not my occupation I started choppin frames and slamming bikes when i was twelve. My...
  14. Wanted - Mustang Seat

    Sell or Swap
    Mustang seat wanted for 2005 VN750. Please PM if you have one in great condition for good price sale. Thanks.
  15. buying a 94 vn750 what should i look for

    VN750 General Discussion
    hey ok so im buying a vn750 off craigslist the guy says he is the second owner and the first owner was a guy who lived down the street from him it looks like its a really clean bike no big dents or rust that i can see in the pics. this is my first bike and not really sure what common issues are...
  16. Some AWESOME vn action!!!

    VN750 General Discussion
    Shot this when I first got my bike. Just love the looks of my vn750. Who agrees?!!! http://youtu.be/1S3sVW_9tYg
  17. Returning to the Vulcan forum after long absence.

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, I'm returning to the Vulcan forum after long absence. My 1995 VN750 was sitting with the carbs off for a couple of years. I finally got around to cleaning them and getting them back on the bike. I knew it was going to be a pain getting the carbs back on, I guess that one reason...
  18. Exhaust Muffler Collector

    Engine / Exhaust / Cooling
    Hi, Did any one here take out the vn750 Exhaust Muffler Collector and let the bike with out it? Is there any problem doing this? Tks
  19. 30A Main fuse keeps cooking

    Ok so I was on my way home from work last night on my 1986 vn750 and out of nowhere the bike just died. Nothing had power at all (no lights nothing). I cycled the key a few times and got nothing so I checked out the battery and couldnt find any problems there. My next instinct was to check the...
  20. Check out my vn750

    VN750 General Discussion