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  1. Engine, Exhaust & Cooling
    In search of Vance and Hines pipes for my 94 Vulcan 750! If anyone has a used set I’d be blessed. Let me know!
  2. Engine, Exhaust & Cooling
    I've been looking everywhere for a set of cruzers for my '86 for the last 3 seasons... Anybody know where I can get a pair?? Is there a way i can get a similar sound with a custom exhaust? I'm thinking getting rid of the goats belly and putting on some Harley mufflers or slip-ons?? Any...
  3. Engine, Exhaust & Cooling
    Hey Guys, Has anyone put the Vance & Hines Cruzers Exhaust System on your VN750? I'm highly considering it and wanted to know if anyone had pictures of it done. http://www.bikebandit.com/vance-hines-cruzers-exhaust-system#tabtop If so: Did you rejet? What Jet-Kit did you use? Did it give you...
  4. Classifieds
    Looking for some aftermarket pipes for my 04 VN 750, looking to get a set of nice used V&H or something similar to replace my factory pipes. Would trade back around for Factory but had a run in with some of mans best friends and the exhaust doesn't look too sharp any longer.
  5. Classifieds
    Is anyone looking to sell a V&H cruzer exhaust?
  6. Engine, Exhaust & Cooling
    I have vance&hines cruizer pipes with baffles removed, harley gaskets, marbled, and blocked the little carb hose, oh yea and messed with the fuel/air screw, STILL to no avail the rear cyclinder is STILL popping. I definately need some specific help. theres gotta be someone with the same setup...
1-6 of 6 Results