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  1. Electrical
    I am in the final stages of the tuxedo mod, replacing the stator and now a pickup coil as well. I went the lazy route and cut into the case with the engine still on the bike as my mechanic uncle suggested, but now I am worried about the metal shavings being in the engine. I have seen Kerosene...
  2. Electrical
    Is there a way to fault check the mod? I've been under the assumption that it doesn't matter the orientation of the three yellow wires, and otherwise I followed the stickies and the tutorials, but I've having a few issues starting back out. It idles just fine, holds a solid 12.8v and rises with...
  3. Electrical
    So I put a new Electrosport r/r and relocated it behind the side cover.The bike was charging nice and in the green.I have a Kuryakyn volt gauge.I went for a ride and when it got hot it stopped charging again.Soooo,I bought an Elactrosport Stator and the bike is apart and im going to start...
1-3 of 3 Results