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  1. Replacing Front Turn Signal

    Dropped by 1994 750cc Vulcan and the front left turn signal broke. The bulb and wiring is still good so maybe I just need to replace the filter/light cover. I bought an OEM replacement for the entire signal but am not familiar with doing electrical work. Do I need to disconnect the battery...
  2. Replacing Front Turn Signal

    I am new here - but have an electrical question. 1994 750cc Vulcan. I have never done any electrical work in my life. Bike dropped and front turn signal is busted. I have purchased an OEM replacement with all of the wiring etc. The bulb is intact so it's possible I will just have to replace...
  3. L & R Turn Indicator LED conversion

    Hi Guys, hope you've all had a good Christmas! I have decided to change my Vulcan 750's Indicator (turn signal) over to LED, the rear ones where easy old ones off and new ones on but its the front where I am having difficulties, on my indicators there is a yellow wire and a black wire...
  4. Turn Signal Flasher - Heads Up

    Washed my girl yesterday, while waiting for the gang to show up, the skies opened up and she got rinsed again, a real frog swamper. We also got caught in the rain twice on the road and huddled in someone's tractor shed for quite a while, luckily nobody complained. The ride back was interesting...
  5. Turn signal mount

    Hi everyone. I got tired of my front right turn signal rubber stalk being cracked and bendy so I bought a new one. I will make a slight plug- Dark Horse got me the part for under $20 and I got it 3 days later. Not shabby. I was just curious how difficult it is to replace. I did a search and...
  6. Turn Signal Wiring question

    Thanks for reading this. I am in the process of replacing all 4 turn signal indicators on my 85 VN750. My replacement signals have 3 wires (for the front lights) which are red, black and black/white. The wires on the light I removed are blue, gray (or a dirty white) and black/yellow. The...