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  1. Equipment
    It was tax free weekend her in SC and NC so decided to look for some cheap work pants/shirts. I went by the lame motorcycle section and there was a box of these backpacks for $34.95 so I took one out and had a look at it and was fairly impressed so I went ahead and purchased it. Glad I did...
  2. Motorcycle Safety
    So i made it through my first season on my 86 vn750 learned a lot got comfortable with the bike ( but not too comfortable that i am oblivious) got my emdorsement and put 2000 miles on my ride, the comingnup season me and a friend ormtwo want to take an all day trip, i would like suggestions on...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Ok, I've been riding my 91 since I bought the bike in 1997. I let it sit for the last 3 years and then recently brought it back from the dead. I overhauled the carbs, cleaned the tank and fuel lines, overhauled the master cylinder and calipers, messed with new pilot jets and hotter jets (moved...
1-3 of 3 Results