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  1. Transmission & Rear End
    Replacing rod bearings and crankshaft on a '01 VN750 with 6,736 miles. Clymer manual (pg 248, #12) says "Slide the two washers on (Figure 60).". Problem is that I don't have two washers lying around, and even Partzilla doesn't show two washers at the end of the countershaft after 1st gear (next...
  2. Engine, Exhaust & Cooling
    Sorry guys I am back again. So the other day I was riding down a back road, when I came to a stop sign I heard a slight grinding sound towards the front of the engine. I was very worried so I took it really easy and was headed back to the house when I came up on a really old truck going 35 in...
  3. Transmission & Rear End
    Does anyone know if there is a compatable 6 speed tranny to fit a 96 vn750? I've been working on this little project and I would like to give her some longer legs.
  4. Transmission & Rear End
    I can shift through gears but it doesn't engage I just hear a popping/grinding noise even with clutch pulled all the way in it doesn't make the noise in neutral the bike was running fine until one day I got on went to shift into second and it either slipped into neutral or I just missed the gear...
  5. Engine, Exhaust & Cooling
    So today i took my bike to work and it was riding great, while working it started to rain a bit so i had to go home. As i pulled away and began accelorating then suddenly the rpms dropped to zero and then right back up to where they had been before, it did this in 2nd and 3rd gear a few times...
  6. Engine, Exhaust & Cooling
    I have a 92 vulcan 750 and the driveshaft crapped out. Was quoted 1000 bucks to fix and replace, i bought the bike for 2000. Would it be cheaper/better to 1. replace, 2. engine and tranny swap off another bike (if so how much in labor cost) 3. just part it out and sit in tears
  7. Transmission & Rear End
    I try to make sure my bike is well warmed up before I start riding, but for some reason whenever I try to start it moving after being completely cooled down, the transmission makes a wurring sound and jerks forwards one or two times before moving. After riding for a little bit and the...
1-7 of 7 Results