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  1. Electrical
    I have what I think is an electrical problem. The bike runs along and suddenly the tach stops working. At the same time the engine starts sputtering and will not idle. It will run if I keep the throttle open but it feels like it is at half power, at best.
  2. Electrical
    Hello, I have a problem with a '94 VN750 that I have had just a year. At the end of last season it started exhibiting this problem, and it continues this year. I am relatively new to bikes so I could really use some advice in figuring out where to go with this: The bike will start just fine...
  3. VN750 General Discussion
    Has anyone ever taken the speedo/tach/dash off of a Vulcan? Looks 100% better! Want to do this but have a couple problems. 1. Headlight won't work without dash. 2. Still need speedo by law. 3. Fuel gauge is a good thing. Any solutions or after market ideas out there? Ill post how my bike...
1-3 of 3 Results