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  1. got a good one, who can figure it out?

    Carbs and Fuel System
    Thanks to everyone for their contributions to the knowledge here I've got the bike running fairly well for an old girl. around town and less than 60 mph is nearly flawless operation. the power is improved at all rpms but let me start from the beginning. my wife rode this bike for two years and...
  2. Bike won't start, brand new battery

    Hi guys, Toward the end of last season I got stranded with what I thought was another symptom of POOGS, only this time I was unable to get the bike started again no matter how long an interval between attempts, even the following day long after real POOGS would have cleared. I had previously...
  3. Engine misfires/sputters and tach shows zero RPM

    Hello, I have a problem with a '94 VN750 that I have had just a year. At the end of last season it started exhibiting this problem, and it continues this year. I am relatively new to bikes so I could really use some advice in figuring out where to go with this: The bike will start just fine...